Frequently Asked Question

1. How and when do I join a sorority?

Panhellenic sororities at Lehigh participate in deferred Formal Recruitment, which means that Recruitment takes place a week before the beginning of the spring semester. Registration begins during the fall semester online. We recommend that you join a sorority when it is most comfortable for you. Most women who participate in Formal Recruitment are first-year students, but sophomores, juniors, and transfer students are more than encouraged to consider joining a sorority.


2. When will I get more information about sororities?

Throughout the fall semester, potential new members will have the opportunity to attend events to help them become more familiar with the sororities on campus. Potential new members will also have the chance to interact with Rho Gammas who will help them become more informed about the recruitment process.


3. What are recommendations for sororities and are they required to participate in Recruitment?

Recommendations are letters from alumnae of a particular sorority, not necessarily those who graduated from Lehigh, in support of one of the woman participating in Formal Recruitment. The Lehigh Panhellenic Council does not require recommendation letters in order to participate in Recruitment. However, if you still prefer to have relatives or other friends send letters on your behalf, they may be sent directly to the chapter house.


4. How much does it cost to join a sorority?

The average cost for a new member living in a dorm ranges from $900 – $2000 per semester. This price includes local and national dues, building fund, liability insurance, one-time initiation fees, social dues, and a meal plan.


5. Do I have to live in a sorority house if I join?

In most circumstances, members live in a sorority house for at least one year. When you join a sorority, you forfeit your ability to participate in the housing lottery. However, if you do not want to live in a sorority house, you can wait until after the housing lottery and you will be assigned a room then.


6. Will joining a sorority affect my grades?

First-year students can not join a fraternity or sorority until their second semester. While some organizations hold their members to a higher standard, the Greek governing council minimum requirement includes completion of 12 Lehigh University credits and the maintenance of a 2.5 GPA for IFC fraternities, a 2.5 GPA for CGC organizations and a 2.5 GPA for Panhellenic sororities. As a whole, the average GPA of fraternity and sorority members is consistently higher than the average non-Greek GPA.


7. How can I learn more about individual sororities in order to narrow down my selection?

We suggest you get involved in the process by registering for Panhellenic Recruitment online. Additionally, attending informational and other events specifically about Greek life will be very helpful. Most of the sororities on campus have websites that can be accessed from Chapters link on this website.


8. How long will I be a new member?

All new members must be initiated within six weeks of joining.


9. What about hazing?

Hazing – defined as causing or permitting a person, prior to initiation into or membership into a society, club, or similar organized group, to participate in any activity that subjects that person or others to risks of physical injury, or mental distress or personal indignities of a highly offensive nature, whether or not such person has consented to participation in this activity – is a violation of Panhellenic rules, the campus code, and state law. Both individuals and organizations can be charged with hazing violations. The hazing policy specifically prohibits forced consumption of alcohol, calisthenics, paddling, road trips, line-ups, and running personal errands of members. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs encourages student to call the toll-free number, 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293) if they, or students they know, have been or may be victims of hazing.